1:20PM, FRI 15 MAR 2013
Do you own a potentially dangerous Bosch dishwasher?
ITV News has obtained figures that show 479,000 potentially dangerous dishwashers remain in homes
despite a recall from Bosch.
Limited number of Dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 by:
BOSCH, NEFF and SIEMENS, with batch number (FD number) between 7901 and 8504.
An electrical component, namely the PCB assembly, located on the front, top right hand side corner of the door, may overheat and in very rare cases can be a potential fire hazard.
What to do:
Bosch posted a safety notice on its website. Credit: Bosch.
If you have a dishwasher that has a batch number (FD) between the range and is one of the model numbers (E-Nr) listed below,
please call 0800 0234881.
Batch numbers: FD number between 7901 and 8504
Any other dishwasher outside this batch number range is not affected.
Model, E-Nr numbers:
SRS4312GB/08, S4433N1GB/13, S4456W3GB/38, SGI43A22GB/17, SGS43A52GB/04,
SRS43A02GB/08, S4433N1GB/14, S4456W3GB/42, SGI43A22GB/19, SGS43A52GB/35,
SRS43A02GB/14, S4433W0GB/01, S4456W3GB/43, SGI43A22GB/99, SGS43A52GB/41,
SRS4302GB/10, S4433N1GB/01, S4456W3GB/35, SGI43A22GB/15, SGS43A18GB/44,
SRS43A02GB/16, S4433W1GB/01, SE24233GB/01, SGI43A25GB/01, SGS43C02GB/35,
SRS43C02GB/14, S4433W1GB/13, SE24237GB/01, SGI43A25GB/13, SGS43C02GB/43,
SRS43C02GB/20, S4433W1GB/14, SE24237GB/13, SGI43A25GB/14, SGS43E02GB/35,
SRS43C12GB/14, S4443B6GB/01, SE24237GB/14, SGI43A25GB/15, SGS43E02GB/43,
SRS43C12GB/21, S4443B6GB/13, SE25235GB/17, SGI43A25GB/17, SGS43E02GB/44,
SRS43E02GB/13, S4443B6GB/14, SE25831GB/17, SGI43A25GB/19, SGS43E02GB/45,
SRS43E02GB/18, S4443B6GB/15 , SE54232GB/17, SGI43A25GB/99, SGS43E08GB/35,
SRS45E02GB/18 ,S4443B6GB/17, SE54432GB/17, SGI43A26GB/01, SGS43E08GB/43,
SRS45E02GB/21, S4443B6GB/19, SE55531GB/01, SGI43A26GB/13, SGS43E08GB/44,
SRS45E08GB/18, S4443B6GB/99, SE55531GB/13, SGI43A26GB/14, SGS43E08GB/45,
SRS45E08GB/21, S4443N6GB/01, SE55531GB/14, SGI43A26GB/15, SGS4442GB/01,
SRS46A02GB/08, S4443N6GB/13, SE55A560GB/35, SGI43A26GB/17, SGS4442GB/13,
SRS46A02GB/13, S4443N6GB/14, SE55A560GB/38, SGI43A26GB/19, SGS4442GB/14,
SRS46A02GB/16, S4443N6GB/15, SE55A560GB/42, SGI43A26GB/99, SGS4452GB/01,
SRS53C02GB/14, S4443N6GB/17, SE55A560GB/43, SGI5322GB/17, SGS4452GB/13,
SRS55L02GB/15, S4443N6GB/19, SF24260GB/02, SGI5325GB/17, SGS4452GB/14,
SRS55L02GB/21, S4443N6GB/99, SF24260GB/04, SGI5326GB/17, SGS4468GB/27,
SRS5602GB/02, S4443W6GB/01, SF24260GB/05, SGI5342GB/01, SGS4468GB/35,
SRS5602GB/04, S4443W6GB/13, SF24261GB/08, SGI5342GB/13, SGS45E02GB/45,
SRS5602GB/05, S4443W6GB/14, SF24A261GB/08, SGI5342GB/14, SGS45E02GB/56,
SRS5612GB/08, S4443W6GB/15, SF24A261GB/13, SGI5345GB/01 SGS45E08GB/45,
SRS56A02GB/08, S4443W6GB/17, SF24A261GB/16, SGI5345GB/13, SGS45E08GB/56,
SRS56A02GB/13, S4443W6GB/19, SF24A262GB/15, SGI5345GB/14, SGS45E62GB/35,
SRS56A02GB/16, S4443W6GB/99, SF24A262GB/16, SGI5346GB/01, SGS45E68GB/56,
SRS56A08GB/08, S4453N1GB/17, SF24A262GB/18, SGI5346GB/13, SGS5332GB/17,
SRS56A08GB/13, S4453N2GB/01, SF24T250GB/18, SGI5346GB/14, SGS5342GB/17,
SRS56A08GB/16, S4453N2GB/13, SF24T250GB/21, SGI56A02GB/35, SGS5348GB/17,
SRS56L02GB/15, S4453N2GB/14, SF25T550GB/15, SGI56A02GB/38, SGS5358GB/17,
SRS56L02GB/16, S4453S1GB/17, SF25T550GB/21, SGI56A02GB/42, SGS5362GB/01,
SRS56L02GB/18, S4453S2GB/01, SGI3300GB/01, SGI56A05GB/35, SGS5362GB/13,
SRS56L08GB/15, S4453S2GB/13, SGI3302GB/01, SGI56A05GB/38, SGS5362GB/14,
SRS56L08GB/16, S4453S2GB/14, SGI3305GB/01, SGI56A05GB/42, SGS53A02GB/27,
SRS56L08GB/18, S4453W1GB/17, SGI3312GB/01, SGI56A06GB/35, SGS53A02GB/38,
SRS8422GB/08, S4453W2GB/01, SGI3312GB/13, SGI56A06GB/38, SGS53A02GB/42,
SRS8422GB/14, S4453W2GB/13, SGI3312GB/14, SGI56A06GB/42, SGS53A02GB/44,
SRS8422GB/16, S4453W2GB/14, SGI3315GB/01, SGS8812GB/27,
S4456N3GB/35, SGI3315GB/13, SGS8812GB/35,
S4456N3GB/38, SGI3315GB/14, SGS8812GB/38,
S4456N3GB/42, SGI3316GB/01, SGS8812GB/42,
To find the E-Nr and FD numbers:

The E-Nr plate is also sometimes located on the right hand side or etched on the metal, on the top, horizontal side of the door.
I received a letter from Bosch and when I called them, 4 years ago, they came very quickly, replaced the PCB assembly and altered some wiring and as I said, all was done free of charge.
Call them now, better safe than sorry.
I copied the above information from ITV news web page in the hope to make you aware of what is NEWS.
Best regards



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