Electrical Services

Our Electrical WIRING, INSTALLATIONS and/or REPAIRS are always performed in accordance to IEE Regulations BS7671 and  the appropriate certificate of compliance is issued when and as required.
Our education, knowledge and previous long experience in the electromechanical and electronics industry having worked as service engineer and “hands on” production and electronics manager has given us a great insight and depth and our work is based in common sense, planning, and forward thinking and we are proud to offer a quality, reliable, honest and friendly service to all our customers.
Our fault finding ability is second to none and after the fault has been located and the remedial work has been completed, we always make good to pre- decoration standards.

We are also fully qualified to issue TEST and INSPECTION CERTIFICATES.
The electrical safety of your tenants is your responsibility and it is very important to make sure that your electrical installation is safe and complies to the British Standards (BS7671) as the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Regulations dictate.
Similarly, before you move into a new house the Electrical Installation is paramount to be checked for the safety of your family.
We can test and inspect and report what is required to bring any electrical installation to the required standards and certify its conformity.


Electrical Wiring, Domestic or Commercial to IEE  Regulations 

No: 9303/ 011058/ 238001/ BSA 1112/ 1/ 05/ 04/ 43. 

Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations

No: 9908/ 011058/ 239101/ BSA 1112/ 1/ 05/ 04/ 43. 

 CHANDELIER – TABLE or STAND ALONE LAMP Repairs and/or Rewiring services are available to local residents; to minimise costs, these items will have to be brought to and collected from us, after repair. We will repair and test then for your Electrical Safety.
We offer a comprehensive range of Electrical Services including :

  • Planning and Documentation of Electrical Circuits.
  • Complete or Partial House Wiring or Rewiring.
  • Fault Finding, Remedial Work and Maintenance.
  • Alterations and Additional Wiring.
  • Outdoor Wiring.
  • Lighting installations and/or Additions.
  • Low Voltage Lighting Systems.
  • Remote Lighting Systems.
  • Emergency Lighting Systems.
  • Security Lighting Systems and Alarms.
  • Garden Lighting and Electrical Systems with or without Remote Control.
  • Socket Installations and/or Additions.
  • Electric Oven Circuits.
  • Electric shower Circuits.
  • Towel Rails.
  • Immersion Heaters.
  • Door Entry Systems.
  • Telephone Extensions and Additional Points.
  • Kitchen Electrical Repairs Including Appliances.
  • Fuse Box Installations, Wiring and Upgrading.
  • Test and Inspection Reports and Certificates.
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Home Buyers Reports.